Midwife Shortage Not over Soon


BY PAUL TURENNE, WINNIPEG SUN The Manitoba government says it won’t consider sending students out of province to take midwifery courses, even though Manitoba’s own midwife training program won’t admit more than a small handful of students — if any … Continue reading →

Midwives will soon be able to accept Medicaid

Midwife Medicaid

Midwives will soon be able to accept Medicaid KTVB.COM Written by by Ty Brennan Posted on January 27, 2012 at 5:20 PM Updated today at 9:27 AM BOISE — Medicaid and midwives — that combination could save the program a … Continue reading →

Midwifery goes Mainstream

More pregnant women opting for births attended by midwives By Johanna Weidner, Record staff of TheRecord.com Thu Jan 12 2012 WATERLOO REGION — Lisa Coles-Nielsen didn’t doubt who would deliver her baby. The Kitchener mother had such a good experience … Continue reading →

Rally supports midwifery care

Midwife Rally

Rally Supports midwifery care There were moms with babies snuggled against their chests, fathers wearing signs and children enthusiastically waving placards — all in support of increased midwifery care in Salmon Arm. A group gathered in front of Shuswap Park … Continue reading →

Union Expresses Cornish Midwifery Fears

Midwifery Fears

The Royal Cornwall Hospital has denied that the role of midwives is being downgraded in its maternity unit. Six registered nurses have been appointed to fill posts traditionally occupied out by midwives. The hospital said they would have only nursing … Continue reading →

Midwifery led care just as safe

When it comes to having babies, midwifery-led care is just as safe as consultant-led care and actually uses less medical interventions, such as the administration of drugs to speed up labour, a major new study has found. The study was … Continue reading →