Moms of autistic children work less and earn less

Mom of Autistic Child

By Frederik Joelving NEW YORK | Mon Mar 19, 2012 U.S. families with autistic children earn nearly $18,000 less than parents of normally developing kids, according to a new report. The gap is mainly due to mothers not having a … Continue reading →

Moms Over 40 Have More Facebook Friends Than Their Kids Do

Moms over 40 on Facebook

A survey of more than 2,000 mothers over the age of 40 found that a majority have more Facebook friends than their children, and that they know how to better take advantage of their presence on the site. The U.K.’s … Continue reading →

10 Celebrity Moms Who Make A Difference

Celebrity Moms

Three cheers for the following 10 celebrity moms who are making a big difference! From donating to the relief efforts after natural disasters, to advocating for autism awareness, to building an all-girls school in Africa, take a look through our … Continue reading →

Wrongful life, wrongful birth, and moms over 40

Down Syndrome Child

by ROSE WOODHOUSE on MARCH 8, 2012 This Article was not Written in Affiliation with Mom at Last. Full disclosure: I do have a kid with a Ridiculously Rare chromosomal abnormality. His particular disorder is not correlated with the parents’ … Continue reading →

Mothers and moms-in-waiting celebrated during Mama March

By Staff Writer – Vernon Morning Star Published: March 04, 2012 1:00 AM Alba Healing Arts and Rooted Birth celebrate mothers and mothers-to-be with Mama March. It all goes back 10 years ago to when Dawn Sharman and Emma Wheelhouse … Continue reading →

Moms gain health benefits from breastfeeding, too

Breastfeeding Mom

Breast-feeding not only delivers health benefits to babies, it also improves mothers‘ health. The American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirmed its policy on breast-feeding Feb. 27, and in its statement, along with explaining the well-known benefits for babies of being breast-fed, … Continue reading →

Over 40 Moms Giving Birth to Increasing Number of Multiples

Pregnant Moms over 40

Jacqueline Wilson|February 27, 2012| Scotland has seen a rise in moms over 40 giving birth to both twins and triplets nearly double over the recent year. According to the United Kingdom’s Deadline News, Dr Daghni Rajasingam reasoned, “Women are having … Continue reading →

Moms Are Powerful

Power Moms

As a journalist mom I enjoy interviewing interesting entrepreneurs and companies that are passionate about kids and community. King Arthur Flour is one such company. Over the past six months I’ve been on an extended interview with King Arthur Flour … Continue reading →