Are older moms more depressed? | Moms over 40

Mother over 40 Depressed

Are Moms over 40 Depressed? As a mother of advanced maternal age, I was interested to see this article about older mothers having a higher risk of depression, from the Huffington Post. A study performed at the Universty of British … Continue reading →

What is Mom’s Work Worth?

Moms Work Worth

After becoming a Mom, at Last the work does not end and it really is just beginning. What is a Mom’s Work Worth? Additional Mom Resources Rate My Mommy Blog @ Rate my Mommy Blog International Moms Club … Continue reading →

Mom at Last: She first faced the test of her life

Pregnancy Problem

A Story about Finally Becoming a Mom, at Last By Dan Irwin NEW CASTLE, Pa. — No quality of life. That’s what a genetic counselor told Bobbie McIlwain about the unborn twin girls she was carrying. Doctors were convinced that … Continue reading →

Mom’s Nicotine Patch May Raise Baby’s Risk for Colic

Pregnancy and Nicotine Moms

Behavioral therapy recommended over nicotine replacement during pregnancy, research says By Jenifer Goodwin HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Feb. 20 (HealthDay News) — Infants of mothers who smoke or use nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy are more likely to have colic, a … Continue reading →

Mom’s Mental Health Affects Baby’s Language Development

Baby Language Development

VANCOUVER — Both having depression and taking antidepressants during pregnancy may affect an infant’s language development, new research suggests. Study results reveal that a crucial language development period, during which infants learn to tune in to the sounds of their … Continue reading →

A Mom’s Interest in Pinterest

Mom Quote

There’s this amazing little site on the internet called Pinterest in case you’ve yet to hear of it. You must request an invitation to join. Pinterest is a site that allows you to create a “virtual pin board” for the … Continue reading →

What Science says about Working Moms

The M.D.: What science says about working moms, and what the heart says Studies show little difference among children of working or stay-at-home moms. And that holds true when the well-being of the moms themselves is studied. By Valerie Ulene, … Continue reading →

New Mom Fear

New Mom Fears

(CBS News) New moms have more oxytocin in their system, which serves to heighten their response to hearing their baby cry or seeing her in distress. It also causes the “fight or flight” response to kick in more easily, triggering … Continue reading →

Working Moms Multitasking More and Enjoying It Less

Multitasking Mom

Working Moms Multitasking More and Enjoying it Less   Moms multitasking more, enjoying it less, study finds Many women feel more pressure to balance family and work than do men, researchers say By Bonnie Miller Rubin, Chicago Tribune reporter December … Continue reading →