My Journey to Baby-Land

charlie family

It seems to me, as a female we spend a large part of our lives trying very hard not to get pregnant only to discover that when we think the time is right that Mother Nature has other ideas.

Birth Mother’s Day

She and I had never met. One day she just called. Out of the blue. Said her name was Gail. Said she had heard about us from a friend of a friend and that she liked what she heard, had … Continue reading →

The True Diary of a Mum-to-Be

the true diary of a mum to be

‘Just a minute before 7 pm Samsara grabbed a mirror from the wall in the hallway and with me squatting on our nest, Dave behind me and Samsara and the midwives in front, we all witnessed the miracle of Pear being born. It was AWESOME. I was so glad for Samsara’s quick thinking as I was able to see Pear’s head then body slip out like a dream. We had him straight on my tummy and he just looked right at me and we fell in love instantly’.

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Mothers’ Stress Could Cause Iron Deficiency in Newborns

Mom stress

MONDAY, April 30 (HealthDay News) — Stress experienced by a mother during the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to iron deficiency in her newborn, putting the infant at risk for physical and mental development delays, a new study says. … Continue reading →

Breastfeeding Moms Earn Less Money, Experience Income Drop

There are many known challenges for breastfeeding moms. Nipple soreness, low milk supply, poor hygiene in public nursing facilities, straight-up societal ignorance… The list goes on. But, money? Despite all of these other roadblocks, most new moms have heard someone … Continue reading →

Giuliana Rancic Will Be A Mother At Last

Giuliana Rancic Mom at Last

E! News anchor, Giuliana Rancic, will become a mother at last. She and husband Bill have tried to making a baby for a long time. They even faced in vitro-fertilization on more than one occasion. While Giuliana got pregnant, the … Continue reading →

For Moms with Postpartum Depression, the Nation’s First Inpatient Unit

Moms Help

For moms battling depression, a first-of-its-kind psychiatric unit at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers intensive, inpatient care. Jenna Zalk Berendzen gave birth to a son in June. It was a difficult labor, and after Maxwell was … Continue reading →

Moms of autistic children work less and earn less

Mom of Autistic Child

By Frederik Joelving NEW YORK | Mon Mar 19, 2012 U.S. families with autistic children earn nearly $18,000 less than parents of normally developing kids, according to a new report. The gap is mainly due to mothers not having a … Continue reading →