The Joy of Motherhood over 40

motherhood over forty

When Sinead O’Callaghan’s friends and family found out she was pregnant they were delighted for her, but also concerned. “I think my mum initially was quite worried,” she says

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A Success Story of Being a Mom over 40

diana farrell moms over forty

Many women intimately know the emotional, physical, and financial struggle of trying to conceive over 40. Life can speed by in one’s 30’s, and a woman can suddenly find herself at the down slope of her fertility at the time when she most wants to give birth to a child. Existing medical complications only exacerbate the situation.

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Pregnancy Rates Rise for Women Over 40

moms over 40 pregnancy over 40

By KJ DELL’ANTONIA Women in their early 40s are getting pregnant more often. A government report released on Wednesday shows pregnancy rates among women in their early 20s falling nearly 18 percent from 1990 to 2008. But pregnancies among older … Continue reading →

Too Old to Adopt? | Moms over 40

moms over forty adopt

by Margaret Hart Recently, I wrote about our desire to grow our family. It was always in our plan, but as we all know, sometimes plans don’t work out as you would like. Our seven-year-old son has always wanted a … Continue reading →

Everything Is Right About Older Women Becoming Mothers


Just like when I got pregnant at my advanced maternal age, I didn’t fixate on the statistics of potential issues I or my children could have. I focused on the good. And my outcome was better than good

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Kids of Moms over 40 are Smarter

IANS Moms over 40 years take heart – your kids are not only healthier but also smarter than offspring of younger women and less likely to have accidents, a new study said. Their kids will also develop a broader vocabulary … Continue reading →

Stay-at-home moms: More vulnerable to depression than working moms?

stay at home moms

A quarter of stay-at-homes moms say they struggle with malaise, compared to just 16 percent of working moms, according to a new Gallup survey Here’s some fresh ammunition in the “mommy wars”: According to a new Gallup poll, stay-at-home moms … Continue reading →