Real Happy Endings – Adoption Myths and Media Distortions

Real Happy Endings Adoption Story

Whether exploring the decision to adopt a child as an infant through domestic or international adoption it is understandable prospective adoptive singles and couples would wonder about the possible outcomes of the effects of adoption on children.

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A Land Unfamiliar | International Adoption

adoption blogger Aliisa

My adoption journey began eight years ago in a land very unfamiliar to me at the time- Russia. Little did I know there was a seven year old little girl with big brown eyes looking for a forever family

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Adoption – Hope For All

children of adoption

A mummy! A daddy! The belief that all children are entitled to a family! The belief that all who want to be parents will excel at the life-long process involved! These beliefs, cherished by all cultures, are the foundation for adoption.

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International Adoption – Five Surprises You May Not Know

Sue Merriem International Adoption

Is international adoption something you’ve thought about, but were hesitant to pursue because of the perceived negatives attached? There are far more positives to adopting from overseas than you might be aware of

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