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Her biological clock ticking louder each day, Sharon Simons felt her heart sink as yet another “Mr. Wonderful” turned out to be a frog—not the prince she was waiting for. But when the right man did come along, their journey toward parenthood seemed more like a machete trail through a jungle than the smooth path of her dreams. Enduring 3 failed IVFs and the loss of their unborn twins, Sharon and her husband decided to adopt—taking a whirlwind trip to Russia and navigating the rough waters of international adoption red tape. Their journey ended, or rather began, when two baby boys were placed in their arms for the long trip home. Continue reading →

The Force of a Lightening Bolt

I wish I could say that my adventure into adoption exposed me as an altruistic servant of God like so many adoptive parents whose stories I admire. But those touching stories of self-sacrifice are not how I came to adoption. … Continue reading →

A Land Unfamiliar | International Adoption

adoption blogger Aliisa

My adoption journey began eight years ago in a land very unfamiliar to me at the time- Russia. Little did I know there was a seven year old little girl with big brown eyes looking for a forever family

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