Six Health Requirements to Meet When Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate

Six Key Health Requirements to Meet When You Consider Surrogacy

Women who are considering becoming a surrogate must be well enough to complete a successful pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies.


Building the Foundation for Surrogacy Brick by Brick

surrogates brick by brick

With so many moving parts to surrogacy it is no wonder the process can be overwhelming. Learning to be your own best advocate, effectively planning financially, physically and financially help you maximize your chances of success and minimize your financial expenditure


Parent Matching with Pride

Pride Angel

Pride Angel is a valuable resource for people wishing to find known sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents within the UK and worldwide.


Surrogacy: A Ray Of Hope

surrogacy abroad

Surrogacy has risen to immense popularity as many couples choose this as an alternative means of reproduction.


Single Dads By Choice | Same Sex Adoption


B.J. Holt always wanted to be a dad. As he approached 40, with no life partner in sight, he felt a version of the ticking biological clock.

Birth Mother’s Day

lori lyons

She and I had never met. One day she just called. Out of the blue. Said her name was Gail. Said she had heard about us from a friend of a friend and that she liked what she heard, had … Read More…

Women use strap-on stomachs to keep surrogacy secret

AHMEDABAD: The artificial stomach Vidya Balan sported in Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ was the surprise element in the climax. In real life, however, the fake tummy is commonly used by women opting for surrogacy to have a child but wanting their … Read More…

Surrogacy: Outsourcing childbirth?

Barkha Dutt and her panel discuss the ethical, legal and moral dimensions of surrogate motherhood in our country. It is estimated that assisted reproductive technology is a Rs. 25 thousand crore industry in India.


It’s Him – Our Adoption Story

DadSquared Son

It’s Him – Our Adoption Story written by Henry A, a Featured Blogger for Mom at Last