Women use strap-on stomachs to keep surrogacy secret

AHMEDABAD: The artificial stomach Vidya Balan sported in Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ was the surprise element in the climax. In real life, however, the fake tummy is commonly used by women opting for surrogacy to have a child but wanting their … Continue reading →

Surrogacy: Outsourcing childbirth?

Barkha Dutt and her panel discuss the ethical, legal and moral dimensions of surrogate motherhood in our country. It is estimated that assisted reproductive technology is a Rs. 25 thousand crore industry in India.

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Guidance for couples going abroad for surrogacy services published

Surrogacy Abroad

05 March 2012 By Fiona Duffy Partner in Patrick F O’Reilly & Co Solicitors, Dublin The long-awaited guidelines for Irish couples who have children born abroad through surrogacy, issued on 21 February, have all but avoided some of the most … Continue reading →

Surrogacy Gone Wild: British Woman Keeps Giving Babies Away

Surrogacy Gone Wild

Pregnancy taxes a woman’s body, so you really have to wonder about the motivation behind Jill Hawkins’ desire to keep signing up for surrogate duty. Hawkins, 47, is pregnant with her ninth and tenth surrogate babies, twins she’s expected to … Continue reading →

Men Having Babies | Surrogacy

Men Having Babies

BY GAY TODAY – JANUARY 31, 2012 POSTED IN: EVENTS, WORLD The Network of European LGBT Family Associations (NELFA) will host the first “Men Having Babies – Europe” Surrogacy Seminar and Gay Parenting Expo on April 29, 2012. It will … Continue reading →

Counselling surrogate moms to give up their babies

Surrogacy Story

Counseling Surrogate Moms to Give up their Babies When the bundle of surrogate joy is delivered to the biological parents, there is happiness in their eyes. But, for the surrogate mother, it can be a heart-wrenching moment, having to let … Continue reading →

Some Ethical Issues in Surrogacy

Ethical Issues in Surrogacy   Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to carry and deliver a child for a couple. The woman, who rents her womb, is called the surrogate mother, and she is supposed to hand … Continue reading →

A Dream to See Him and He Is Ours | Surrogacy

Surrogate Mother

"It was just a dream to actually see him and he's ours. He's beautiful." – Dr. Mary Hui-Wee My wife and I have been married for 22 years. We have entered a season of life when many parents are watching … Continue reading →

Exploring Surrogacy

Surrogacy is equal parts challenging and rewarding. Women pondering surrogate motherhood should be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride, but one that more often than not ends up bringing positive results to all the families involved. Surrogate mothers provide … Continue reading →