Sharon Simons of Mom at Last
Speaks on the Dr. Oz Show

Sharon Simons speaks with Dr Oz

“In between IVF #2 and #3 I started to think, ‘Why my DNA so important? Why do I have a child of my own? Am I that great?’ Then…I started to think about international adoption. And within 3 short months, I brought back my 2 perfect angels. I have my family, I saved my children and they saved me.” – Sharon Simons of Mom at Last on the Dr. Oz Show

MomatLast Story on the Dr Oz Show

“This was a mom at 44, and it reads ‘Mom wanted them so badly and in an instant she was gone.’ It is almost my story. I went through IVF at 40, happily pregnant with twins. At 19 weeks, tragedy struck. I woke up with breathing tube, in a hospital bed, with c-section scar and no babies. I am almost died as well. It’s a tough thing. I wanted those kids.” – Excerpt from Sharon Simons of Mom at Last on the Dr. Oz Show

Doctor Oz with Mom at Last

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Mom at Last on the Dr Oz Show — 6 Comments

  1. Infertility affects 7.3 million people in the U.S. This figure represents 12% of women of childbearing age, or 1 in 8 couples. Thank you for talking about this! We finally (after years of infertility issues) decided to use IVF and Egg Donors and we now have the family we always wanted. We have published a children’s book that helps parents talk with their children about their donor conceived birth.

  2. I am hoping and trusting that I willbe a mom at last too
    I am 47 not in the best shape have some arthritis setting in and have developed asthma BUT I still Believe that I am meant to be a mom – it’s all I ever wanted–
    Just heard from an adoption agency that they have started accepting applications again. The window closed one time before but now we have another opportunity
    I believe the right child/ children are on their way to us.

  3. After going through 3 IVF’s a pregnancy loss of twins, and a tubal pregnancy. I can tell you I was a the saddest point of my life. But I took hold of myself and said I will be a Mom, so I picked myself up with a new attitude and told myself why is my DNA so important. So we decided on international adoption and I have the perfect family I love my boys more than anyone could ever imagine. Theey are my heart and soul and they are the kids I was meant to have. If I did not suffer through infertility, did not suffer the loss of my twins, I would not have had Dylan and Hunter. When going through the saddest toughest days you have a choice to sit and cry or become stronger. I am so happy I chose the later and like me anyone can be a Mom At Last.

  4. I think it is so wonderful that you are getting out there and sharing. Infertility is something that we just don’t talk about much and adoption, as I learn more about it, has so many aspects to it so this is wonderful.

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